Patient Testimonials

Read the feedback we have received from the patients in our clinic.

A year ago, I turned to Dr. Wolf after several months of pain from plantar fasciitis. Having originated from a runners injury, I was unable to exercise due to the severe pain I was experiencing from the moment I woke, sometimes lasting through the day entirely. If I had a thirteen hour shift ahead of me in the emergency room, the next day's pain and decreased range of motion was murder, even just to have my foot on the gas pedal of my car. I had tried the expensive braces, nighttime socks, anti-inflammatories, tape, etc.. and knew that this was my last chance before surgery to correct the problem.

I saw Dr Wolf, and I learned that the injury left scarring which was opposing the natural function of my foot, and this needed to be stripped and corrected to release my joint to function properly again.

I returned to Dr. Wolf for three sessions, and experienced near complete relief from my pain. I am happy to say that a year later, I still have minimal to no discomfort any day I rise from bed, or work a long shift on my feet at work! I am ready to begin jogging again with hopes to retrain to run soon!

Thank you Dr. Wolf! No risky surgery could have afforded me such a fast recovery after such a long experience of constant pain! I recommend you to anyone I think can benefit from your safe, wonderful practice in such a warm and inviting setting!

‐ Patricia Koerner, RN BSN

Dr. Wolf truly loves her profession. She goes above and beyond for her patients.

‐ Adrienne S.

When my daughter needed a doctor to take care of her sports injuries and pain, I chose Dr Amy Wolf. Dr Wolf not only took care of the problems my daughter was having but also gave her ways to help prevent future injuries. My daughter is pain free and a better athlete thanks to Dr Wolf.

‐ Lee Cole, RPh

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